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I am Dóri Padla, founder of the Holistic Coaching Therapy method.

Working as a coach for several years I have experienced that the most effective way to help my clients with their problematic areas of life is to combine all those methods that helped me personally to improve myself throughout the years of my own self-development journey. This is how HCT – Holistic Coaching Therapy by Dóri Padla was born, including coaching techniques, holistic view of any kind of issues and alternative healing methods – let it be a visualisation, meditation, the support of astrology or energy healing, etc.

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On my blog you can also find useful articles, which can help you understand your current life situations, as per relationships, dating, narcissistic and controlling people, self-confidence, emotions and a lot more.

I also collected my articles in compilations by the most popular topics, in order to help you find the most relevant information easily.

And if you feel that this is the method that can help you through a tough time in your life, book an appointment with me 🙂


Looking forward to having an HCT – Holistic Coaching Therapy session with you soon!


Dóri Padla