Narcissism and controlling people articles’ compilation

In all areas of our lives, we can meet people who make things difficult for us. There may be people in our family, at work, in our circle of friends with whom we are constantly in conflict. As everything happens for a reason, these situations are no exceptions either – you have to learn from them. What exactly? For example, how to stand up for ourselves, how to say no, how to set our personal boundaries, how not to allow others to take advantage of us for their own benefit.

This can be a very difficult topic in anyone’s life and – as in many other cases – the first most important step here is to recognize the situation. This can be followed by dissolution, resolution, or defence.

To help you recognize these situations as quickly as possible and to help you find easily the right techniques for yourself, I have compiled a list of my related articles for you.


List of articles about the difficult people in our lives on the Holistic Coaching Therapy page:

Toxic women: how to recognize them & what to do about it

Are you living with a narcissist? Signs & solutions of this toxic relationship

Extreme date with an extreme narcissist

Narcissistic..? OMG…

Tips for managing the Extreme Narcissistic people

Workplace conflicts with the “assholes”

How to notice when you are dealing with “a-holes”?

Avoidance and defence against the “a-holes”

The controlling people of our lives

Coping techniques regarding the controlling people of our lives

If you liked this list, you can find my other article compilations here.


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