Toxic women: how to recognize them & what to do about it

When it comes to harassment and abusive behavior between adults, most of the time the examples and stories are about men. However, this is absolutely not the full picture. Women can also be abusive and harass men –  I have seen this myself.

It is a fact, that it happens from this angle as well; I have seen it happening to some of my male clients.

There are two stories that come to mind regarding this topic. I write about these now so that you, Gentlemen, can learn from them and see what you can do to avoid them, recognize if you are facing such situations and save yourself by stopping it from getting worse.

The overthinking harrassing woman


There are many single people out there looking for a partner in life. Some of these people – due to their emotional wounds and that of the soul – don’t know how to connect to the desired potential partners. They do not know how to read the signs that the other person is sending them, they can misinterpret them easily. This can happen to men and women equally, but as I write this article to you now, Gentlemen, I would like to share a story with you where it was the woman who overthought and misinterpreted things.

A long time ago, I heard about a situation from a man who got into a mess with a woman. He didn’t want anything from this person in question, however meeting her every day at work, he paid her compliments, sometimes even flirting with her. It was not serious for him, however, as the Woman couldn’t read the signs properly, she believed that the attention she received from the Man was genuine. She got hung-up with the thought that this could actually become a thing with this Man and launched into action to win him over. At this point, the Man realized that what he was doing, meant more to her than it did to him, however it was too late, the Woman was already addicted to him and didn’t want to stop. So, the harassment from her began.

There are two important thoughts I would like to write about regarding such situations.

#1 If you, Gentlemen, like to flirt with ladies endlessly, without being serious about taking it to the next level, harassment can be the result in some cases.

Those people who are not used to being the center of attention from the opposite sex, can often misunderstand these flirty games (men and women both, btw). If you practice flirting with women just for fun, maybe to boost your own ego this way, please take it into consideration, that sooner or later you will meet a woman who will think that you are serious, and depending on how much this woman lacks attention from men in her life, this can end up really bad for both of you. The woman trying to bond, thinking that you are interested in her and you backing off at this point continuously. These push-pull games can end up in harassment, verbal fights and very deep emotional injuries – both for you and the woman.

You are better off trying to satisfy your ego in a different way – or ultimately actually not having to satisfy it at all, by finding your own inner solid self-confidence as a man, so that you will not need to boost your ego in the future.

#2 You can never know at first sight, how deeply the other person misses the attention in their life, therefore you cannot know how big of an impact flirting will make.

Those women, who haven’t really had a normal relationship in their life so far, haven’t seen a good relationship pattern from their parents, do not see and feel clearly the difference between a real attraction and interest in them, compared to the flirty games. If they have never had attention in their lives, even briefly from someone, they can get addicted to it. They can overthink it and consider it as the biggest gesture of love from the Man. While at the same time, it might just be a big nothing from the Man’s end. But the Woman doesn’t recognize the discrepancy. Therefore, you, Gentlemen, need to be careful and not start such games, because it can easily become an unwanted situation.

usman-yousaf-8dvyPDYa35Q-unsplashSuggestions for men

Avoid the pointless flirty games with women, work on your inner self-confidence and self-awareness. See it clearly how you behave with women so that you can ensure from your end that your actions are not misunderstood.


Suggestions for women, who tend to overthink

Think about how much attention you got as a child from your parents. There must be a lack of it there somewhere. Think about your past relationships, or crushes – was it only you, who really wanted that to happen? Maybe the Man didn’t even want anything from you? Maybe you got hooked-up on the idea of someone paying attention to you finally?

Heal your inner child, give her the attention that she lacks even now, that you are an adult. This is the only way to  to see these situations in a clearer way.

The psychologically abusive woman



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